Our Goal

  1. Aurora Fitness is about helping people reach their goals; fitness or otherwise. Therefore, we strive to create a group exercise experience accessible to people at all different levels in their fitness journey.
  2. Using the latest research in Bio-mechanics, Nutrition, and Behavior Changes, each class is designed to help participants learn proper exercise form, lose body fat, and sculpt muscle.
  3. We focus on Mobility & Stability exercises to help improve activities of daily living and reduce pain due to muscular imbalances.
  4. We incorporate Cardiovascular training in our programs to promote heart health and endurance.
  5. We include Strength training to improve muscular tone, promote joint health, support bone density, and boost metabolism.
  6. Aurora Fitness is a community where people come for encouragement, support, and accountability.
  7. We positively impact the lives of our members, employees, families, and community by promoting healthy behaviors.